about me

hey, i'm qunjz! i'm a frontend web developer and a youtuber! i basically do things for fun.

i am also 15 years old


i am no longer for hire. i have been demoted from atleast 3 projects because of the past. If you want me to be hired for anything, even if you want me to be on the team so badly, you would think twice and remove me from the team, because me stealing site frontends. therefore, i am no longer wasting my time on working on your project frontends.



WAREBLOX is an Old ROBLOX simulator that emulates ROBLOX versions through 2006 - 2016.


Hromi was created because i got demoted from NoticBlox and Rainway, this revives ROBLOX versions through 2010 - 2011 (and maybe 2016 in the future). (this is also a placeholder image)


RetroTube is the first YouTube revival to revive early 2005. This is created because there is no early 2005 YouTube revival, so i created one myself.


Tomodachi (or Dachi) is a social media site created by Tosle.